The Paris Cure

The Paris Cure is a unique and innovative program inspired by the many people who seek an experience in the “City of Light” not only as a tourist but as an experience for personal renewal and reflection.

From the turn of the century Paris has been an inspiration to romantics, intellectuals and creative individuals in all of the arts. Beyond the cafes, monuments, and museums are ‘secret’ gardens, galleries and neighborhoods that continue to delight and surprise even those who know Paris well.

Dr. Kleindorfer offers an opportunity for individuals, couples, and groups to enjoy the brilliance of Paris by following a personally designed itinerary that includes individual tasks associated with each site, (food & flower markets, gardens, neighborhood walks, or a ‘hunt for chocolate’ for instance) and to meet with her for at least 2 sessions (one at the beginning of your journey and one at the end) to magnify your personal development and enrichment of your Paris experience.

The Paris Cure is something you discover on your own, with the support and guidance of Dr. Kleindorfer. She provides guidelines and exercises such as journaling, photographing, café writing and so forth to make your Paris experience a personal journey. Her sessions with you assist you in incorporating your Paris experience into your life as you return home.

Fees begin at E 200 for a (minimum) one week trip that includes your personal itinerary (created jointly with you) and 2 sessions with Dr. Kleindorfer.

Group arrangements are also available.

Dr. Kleindorfer can also assist you with hotel & restaurant suggestions, but all your private arrangements (travel, hotel & meals) will be your responsibility.



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